The NA Spa philosophy is guided by the principles of nurture, total well-being, relaxation and healthy indulgence, which are reflected in the superlative quality of the treatments on offer, the exotic beauty of the spa and outstanding levels of service provided by our expert therapists.


Hoi An is renowned for its historic ancient quarter but what many people don't realise is how it is surrounded by farmland and lush green rice - a landscape that has changed little for hundreds of years.


Na Spa Escape looks out onto the rice fields - with abundant wildlife, this is the ideal  getaway and a perfect spot to RELAX, RENEW and REVIVE.



Book send a booking request and use Paypal  to receive a 10% discount on Destination Spa Escapes & Luxury Day Spa Journeys, and 20% off all other treatments (discounts apply to advertised prices).


The widest variety of massages and treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
Book now & online to receive a 10% discount on Destination Spa Escapes and
Luxury Day Spa Journeys, and 20% off all other treatments. (Prices below do not include discount).

  • Destination Spa Escapes

    Relax (3 hours)

    Restorative reflexology hand and foot therapy followed by a deep back, neck and head massage and luxury facial treatment

    Price: 1.370.000 vnd

    Rejuvenate (4 hours)

    Invigorating body spritz, followed by a prescription wrap, Na Spa’s Signature mas-sage and spa facial to finish.

    Price: 1.930.000 vnd

    Revive (2.5 hours)

    Restorative reflexology hand and foot therapy followed by a deep back, neck and head massage and luxury facial treatment.

    Price: 1.680.000 vnd

    Renew 5.5 (hours)

    A toning body spritz and wrap, followed by a detoxifying aroma massage, a vitamin packed facial finishing with a manicure and pedicure.

    Price: 2.350.000 vnd

    Detox (3.5 hours)

    A detox blend aromatherapy massage with a skin purifying facial and tonic reflex foot massage.

    Price: 1.650.000 vnd

  • Luxury Day Spa Journeys

    Indulgence (6 hours)

    This top-to-toe treat kicks off with a skin smoothing body spritz, mask, wrap and luxury spa facial before winding down with an aroma massage, reflex foot massage and a relaxing herbal bath.

    Price: 2.590.000 vnd

    Nurture (2.5 hours)

    A spa bonding experience for parent and child. Specially designed and exclusively available for younger guests and their parents to enjoy the spa and relax together.
    • For parent: A  soothing fresh spa facial, a wonderfully relaxing massage and traditional Vietnamese steam bath to follow.
    • For child: A specially designed childrens massage and a herbal fizz jacuzzi. And for both, a funky fresh spa mocktail from our shady terrace overlooking the rice fields.

    Price: 1.150.000 vnd - adult

    Price: 700.000 vnd - child

    Happy Together (5 hours) For 2 people

    A decadent spa journey featuring NA Spa’s signature therapies; a blissful eighty minutes of massage and a luxury spa facial fol-lowed by a heavenly body wrap and flower bath. With spa cuisine for two served on the balcony.

    Price: 3.620.000 vnd (for 2 people)

    Girls Getaway (4 hours)

    NA Spa Escape’s antidote for those who may have shop-till-you’ve-dropped! This journey includes a seasonally inspired body scrub and a blissful customised massage, followed by your choice of a traditional Vietnamese steam, herbal sauna or jacuzzi in our third floor aqua spa. The transformation is completed with a choice of an organic spa hair treatment, style and blow-dry.

    Price: 1.380.000 vnd

    Signature Na Spa (4 hours)

    A sublime deep tissue, NA Spa Signature massage, Na Spa’s Signature facial, detoxifying foot reflexology and a holistic herb jacuzzi bath ensconced in your very own decadent Japanese spa suite complete with spa tub, relaxation area and private balcony; the perfect spot to enjoy a post-zen tête-à-tête and delicious spa cuisine.

    Price: 1.670.000 vnd

    Ginger & Lemongrass Detox Booster
    (Two 3-hour appointments over 2 days)

    An intensive lymphatic body flush that will invigorate and kick start any slimming or detox plan, and also counter the negative effects of stress. Best taken as an intensive course over two days, it includes a full body exfoliation, a sculpting and flushing colonic massage, a detox reflexology treatment to the back and feet, and a twenty-minute herbal detox steam or sauna. Day two incorporates an intensive tightening and deep cleansing sea salt and mud body mask, an Asian herb thalasso bath and a slimming full body massage.

    Price: 2.410.000 vnd

  • Relaxing Therapies

    Asian Blend Massage (60 mins)

    A wonderful therapeutic hour spent en-joying a deep tissue full body massage utilising both traditional Asian and Swedish massage techniques.

    Price: 500.000 vnd

    Holistic Herbal Compress (90 mins)

    This deeply relaxing full body aromather-apy treatment is a great tonic at any time and features NA Spa’s professional blend of aromatic herbs, elixirs and oils for a to-tally fragrant and organic experience.

    Price: 840.000

    Swedish Massage (60 mins)

    A Swedish massage technique using NA Spa’s stress relief organic muscle balm.

    Price: 500.00 vnd

    Hot Lava Stone Massage (90 mins)

    This therapy is ultra deep and should not be combined with other massage therapies as this treatment concentrates on every part of the body with deep tissue, Swedish and hot stone techniques. A float away session that will deliver results for days.

    Price: 840.000 vnd

    Na Spa Signature Massage (80 mins)

    This treatment has been exclusively de-signed by NA Spa to address health and wellbeing issues in depth with a combina-tion of aromatherapy with deep tissue and Swedish techniques, plus reflex therapy to the spine and feet, finishing with a sub-lime head massage.

    Price:  730.000 vnd

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Therapy (30 mins)

    A deep relaxation treatment to the back, neck and shoulders that concentrates on muscle aches and stress points – can be deep tissue.

    Price: 280.000 vnd


  • Body Spritz

    A luxury pampering full body exfoliating therapy implementing a unique massage and kneading technique to improve the look, feel and hydration of the skin.
    Our exotic body scrubs and masks, based on centuries-old beauty rituals are equally effective for cleansing, detoxifying and smoothing the body.

    Aromatic Spritz (45 mins)

    A combination of mineral rich sea salt in-fused with organic herbal aromatics.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Coffee Spritz (45 mins)

    An invigorating organic spritz combining the energising, firming and contouring properties of coffee, brightening rice ex-tract and skin nourishing milk.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Honey & Sesame (45 mins)

    Combining the gentle, healing properties of honey with organic black sesame seeds to promote skin renewal and nourish-ment.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Lemongrass & Ginger (45 mins)

    Inspired by a deep-rooted Vietnamese beauty ritual traditionally used to heat the body and ward off insects prevalent dur-ing the monsoon season, this zesty sugar scrub helps soothe, soften and renew.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Vietnamese Vanilla Five Spice (45 mins)

    An intoxicatingly aromatic ancient Viet-namese skin treatment designed to relieve stress, lift dead skin cells and infuse mois-ture where your skin needs it most.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

  • Body Wrap Rituals

    A full body massage application of a choice of five organic skin perfectors followed by a sleep inducing wrap. Choose from:

    Mineral Mud Detox (60 mins)

    Velvety rassoul cream made from fine Vietnamese clay cocoons the body, cleansing deeply, drawing out impurities and bringing newfound radiance to the skin.

    Price: 420.000 vnd


    Moisture Boosting Botanicals (60 mins)

    A gentle mask especially good for those with more sensitive skin, harnessing the treasures of local herbs and flowers using organic coconut oil for a vitamin, mineral and antioxidant packed treatment to nourish and enhance the skin.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Healing Honey (60 mins)

    The perfect potion to soothe and heal dry, sensitive and sun harried skin, applied with a special technique to relieve muscu-lar tensions and wash away daily stresses, revealing supremely soft skin that glows with health and vitality.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Hot Vanilla Spice (60 mins)

    Traditionally used to keep the body warm in the rainy season. Combining a fascinating earthy scent with zesty spices and warm vanilla, to soothe and relieve sore muscles, soften the skin and boost the circulation.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Refining Rice (60 mins)

    A fresh, firming and purifying body wrap, leaving the skin looking fresh and feeling noticeably firmer. An ancient Japanese ritual to purify the skin and unveil the most superb radiance.

    Price: 420.000 vnd

    Aqua Therapy

    Enrich your spa experience with a 20 min-ute Sauna, Jacuzzi, Vietnamese steam, or traditional rice, herb or flower infused bath accompanied by magnificent tree top views from our state of the art spa relaxa-tion zone. Creating a unique environment in which to luxuriate and revitalise your energies.

    • Traditional Vietnamese Steam Bath (with medicinal Asian herbs)

    Price: 200.000 vnd

    • Private Jacuzzi Hot Tub

    Price: 200.000 vnd

    • Herbal Sauna

    Price: 200.000 vnd

  • Facial Therapies

    Each of our beauty boosting Dermalogica® and organic fresh spa facials are expert-ly tailored to an exact personal prescription guaranteed to deliver beautiful results.
    These gentle facial therapies will coax the skin into buffed perfection and will include deep cleansing, a detox peel, skin sculpting, lifting Ko Bi Do massage and prescription mask. Choose from:


    Price: 640.000 vnd


    Price: 780.000 vnd


    Price: 640.000 vnd


    Price: 640.000 vnd

  • Intensive Facial Program

    Intensive Facial Program

    A two to four day program promising exceptional results for any skin type, carried out by our expert facialist. Utilising the calming, nourishing properties of organic fresh spa products, or for more targeted skin problems; a personal prescription of vitamin rich Dermalogica®, relaxing and lifting Ko Bi Do massage and foot reflexology to aid the removal of toxins. This facial program is gentle enough to be taken daily or can be used as a twice a week course.

     Price: 1.1.000 vnd (2 days)

     Price: 2.000.000 vnd (4 days)

    Luxury Intensive Eye Treatment Extension

    Price: 780.000 vnd

    Eyebrow Shape

    Price: 55.000 vnd

  • Foot Spa

    The Pedi-‘cure’ (25 mins)

    File, shape, lavender soak, cuticles, salt spritz and mint massage, four coat polish.

    Price: 150.000 vnd

    Thu Bon Express (30 mins)

    Nail tidy, salt soak and massage.

    Price: 120.000 vnd

    Vietnamese Spice Pedicure (45 mins)

    Rehydration for the soles. File, shape, cuticles, buff - with a spice infused coconut milk soak, foot callus treatment, gentle coffee scrub and hot ginger spice massage mask. Finishing with an optional four coat polish..

    Price: 280.000 vnd

    French Pedicure (50 mins)

    File, shape, aromatic soak, cuticle work, buff, exfoliation, massage, French polish.

    Price: 200.000 vnd

  • Hand Spa

    Express Manicure (25 mins)

    Shape, file, soak, cuticle work, four coat polish.

    Price: 150.000 vnd

    Deluxe Manicure (60 mins)

    File, shape, AHA fruit soak, cuticle work, buff, exfoliating mask, massage and four coat polish.

    Price: 200.000vnd

    Classic Manicure 40 (mins)

    File, shape, honey soak, cuticle work, buff, massage, four coat polish..

    Price: 180.000 vnd

    French Manicure (50 mins)

    File, shape, aromatic soak, cuticle work, buff, exfoliation, massage, French (or American) polish.

    Price: 200.000vnd

  • Organic Hair Spa

    Relax amid the calming rice views and enjoy an expert hair therapy in a unique and beautiful natural environment with a complimentary consultation with our top hair therapist. Each of our organic hair therapies combines the natural healing properties of ancient herbal tinctures with relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage and consists  a healing mask, ayurvedic hot oil treatment and shine boosting tonic rinse;  completed with  a simple after spa blow-dry service. Choose from:


    Price: 500.000 vnd


    Price: 500.000 vnd


    Price: 500.000 vnd


    Price: 5000.000 vnd


A tranquil atmosphere offering the ultimate in relaxation.


If you have any questions please contact us via any of the methods below.

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100/5 Le Thanh Tong, Cam Chau,
T.P. Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam.


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